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Erin C. Carr is young artist working and traveling through the real and imagined. Currently living in Southern Arizona.

Decorated my jouranl. The print design was already there. i just added the other colors.

mistressdarkarachnid asked: Hi just wanted to say I am in love with your work and happy to have recieved your follow--Amber

I am also happy to have you following me. Thank you. :)

jonathan-moreira asked: I just found your tumblr. I just want to say you have awesome work! :)

Thank you thank you! Glad to have you along for the creative journey.


I was accepted to the artist co-op! Now I just need a real job so I can buy more supplies, cards, pay rent and so on. But this is a big step!
Thank you all for your support. I will be making more pieces so hopefully I will have enough to put up online at my Etsy.

Thanks for all the love today my followers! I needed it. I will put it in my pocket and take it with me tomorrow.

Snake Medicine.

Originally I was going to add an eye but I feel like it’s pretty complete without it.

Creosote, wax, hemp rope, snake bones, found stone (it has pyrite in it, looks like turquoise to me).

Guardian Eye - Green Divine

Creosote, embroidery, wax, hemp rope, 7 herbs, magic & breath.

I think I still want to work on this one a little more.

p.s. sorry for the crappy photos.

The wax isn’t working as well as I was hoping…. The leaves still change color and become fragile breaking off….

I am supposed to show work to someone on Sunday. I’m not sure what to do.

Whittling, Whistling and Working

There was a third mini eye, but after looking at the photos I want to re work the eye, it’s a little sloppy. But as soon as that’s done and the sachets are put together I will post them for sale on my Etsy.

I’m also working on a couple bigger ones. I have the eye sewn for one and two big creosote branches waxed. I”ll get on embroidering another eye and putting together some more materials. I still want to use some beads, I want to use some snake bones as beads but I’m just waiting for the right guardian to use them on.

Mini Guardian - Blues

This one I waxed the paper after I was done painting it…. I’m not sure how I like the look, but I think it’s cool because I can scratch a symbol into the wax on the back. :)

Again thinking about adding a hanging sachet to this one as well, filled with protective herbs. If I had all the oils I needed I could have added it to the wax. maybe further down the line.

Charcoal, watercolor paper, watercolors, wax, creosote, hemp rope.

Mini Guardian - Green/Brown

I am thinking about adding small sachets of protection herbs that will hang under the hoops.

watercolor paper, watercolors, ink, pencil, creosote, wax, & hemp rope

Starting the embroidery process. :)

Starting the embroidery process. :)